Mismatch in GL balance between FAGLB03 and FAGLL03


General Ledger account balance displayed in transaction FAGLB03, may not match with balance for the same period shown on double clicking any cell in FAGLB03. or with transaction FAGLL03.
There could be various reasons for mismatch between FAGLB03 and FAGLL03, Below are some of  the common reasons
Reason One: Transaction Figures not updated 
Some documents were posted in entry view, but did not update the ledger totals
To identify and correct such documents, follow the steps below
  • Execute t-code FAGLF03 ( Program: TFC_COMPARE_VZ) to compare document and transaction figures in order to identify the documents in error
  • If FAGLF03 identifies documents which are not posted to one or more ledgers, Execute t-code GLGCU1 (Program: RGURECGLFLEX) to update the transaction totals for the documents in error in the corresponding ledgers
Reason Two: Incorrect negative postings 
Due to a program error, some debit line items may be displayed as credit line items in transaction FAGLL03 or some credit line items may be displayed as debit line items as shown in the screenshot below.This is usually for negative postings made due for reversals

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