SAP FI CIN: Uploading of Excise Balances – during Cut Over

Check the below master & config data in the system before the upload of balances.

GL Accounts, Tax codes and Withholding tax codes, Cost Elements, Cost Centres, Material master, Vendor & Customer Master, CIN Masters, User Profiles

Quantity Balance : TCODE: J1I5

RG23A Part1 -: Stocks of all raw materials – movement type 561.
RG23C Part1 -: Assets (as a non-valuated material) – movement type 561
RG1/DSR – :J1I5 : Stocks of all finished goods – the movement type 561.

GL and Register balance:

RG23A Part2 & RG23C Part2 – pass an Excise JV – The credit account has to be changed to the initial GL balance upload account.

Transferring of balance credit to RG23C Part2 – Posting a normal FI-JV shall transfer the balances of the CENVAT-On-Hold account during the GL balance upload. However, the subsequent credits to RG23C Part2 on account of these purchases is to be posted using an Excise JV- Additional Excise and the credit entry should go to the CENVAT-On-Hold account.

PLA – FI-JV is posted to debit the PLA-On-Hold account for the initial balance.

Number ranges:

Number Range Object Description
J_1I57FC 57AC5 Number Range
J_1IEXCEXP Export Excise Invoice Number
J_1IEXCLOC Local Excise Invoice number
J_1IINTNUM Internal document number
J_1IPLA2 PLA part2 serial number
J_1IRG1 RG1 number Range
J_1IRG23A1 RG23A Part1 serial number
J_1IRG23A2 RG23A Part2 serial number
J_1IRG23C1 RG23C Part1 serial number
J_1IRG23C2 RG23C Part2 serial number
J_1IINTPR2 Despatch Register serial number

RG23A, RG23C Part I, RG1 Balances required to be uploaded (material wise, Plant wise) after proper reconciliation with the production records. For this the respective Plants are requested to reconcile the same before upload.
Reconciliation of balances
Please ensure that proper reconciliation process/measures are in place. All excise balances are required to be signed off before allowing business transactions.


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