During GOODS RECEIPT at Store                                                          MIGO

Raw Material Stock                               Dr.        1000
GR/IR clearing                                       Cr.        1000
During Excise Invoice Credit                                                                J1INEX      
Cenvat Account                        Dr.        200
Cenvat Clearing                        Cr.        200
During Invoice Verification                                                                   MIRO   
Cenvat Clearing                        Dr.        200
 GR/IR Clearing                        Dr.        1000
Vendor Payable                        Cr.        1200
Return goods to Vendor (Credit Memo)                                          FB65
Vendor A/c                                        Dr.       5000
TO Raw Material A/c                      Cr.       5000
VENDOR INVOICE POSTING                                                               FB60/F-43/FV60
Rent Invoice, Office Stationary Purchase invoice ,Professional Fees (Charted Accountant) ,Postage & telegram Charges invoice, Telephone Charges invoice Electric Charges invoice, Sub-contractor Service charges invoice, mobile bill
Telephone Charges A/c                Dr.       2500
TO Vendor A/c                                Cr.       2500
TDS Accounting  Entry with Advance to Vendor            F-47/F-48
VENDOR A/C                                          Dr.       10000
            TO OUT GOINGING BANK     Cr.       9900
            TO TDS A/C                                  Cr.       100
With Invoice Posting                                                                FB60/F-43/FV60
RENT A/C                                                Dr.       20000
            TO VENDOR A/C                       Cr.       19900
            TO TDS A/C                                 Cr.       100

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