Bank Reconciliation Statement (BRS)-SAP

The following are the steps for BRS:

  1. Create Bank Master Data – This can be created through T.Code FI01 or you can also create the house bank through IMG/FA/Bank accounting/Bank account
  2. Define House Bank
  3. Set up Bank selection payment program-  IMG/FA/ARAP/BT/AUTOIP/PM/Bank selection for payment prg.

a. setup all co codes for payment transaction – Customer and vendors

                  b.setup paying co codes for payment transactions
                  c.setup payment method per country
                 d.setup payment method per co code for payment transaction
                 e.setup bank determination for payment transaction
Please go for Cheque mangement using T code FCHI     (IMG/FA/ARAP/BT/OP/AutoOp/PaymentMedia/CheckManagement) and for void reasons FCHV. You can create Bank Reconcilliation statement by TC FF67 (SAP/AC/Treasury/CashManagement/Incomings/ManualBankStatement) . Don’t forget to keep the opening Balance as zero. Use FBEA for post process.
All the steps together will lead to (FF67) Bank reconciliation statement.

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