Payment through checks/ manual check FCH5

In FBL1n, if we can see we can not find any check information. What if we want to pay via check ? We have to pass it as cash and then assign it to a check.
For example, we want to assign a check for a line item paid in FBL1n. We want to assign a check for payment document. FCH5 is the answer.
Enter payment document number, company code, house bank in FCH5 screen. It will also ask for check number. Here we need to the next check number available. SAP FICO System will automatically pull adrress and other data. Go ahead and save it.


One thought on “Payment through checks/ manual check FCH5

  1. Anybody can help me doing FCH5 by way of LSMW, I got Document number & mannually assign cheues to each and every document when LSMW uploaded for making payments, now i have to go to FCH5 and manually & entered document number and cheque number

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