Posting Keys For AP

Posting key    Name                           Credit /Debit Account type
21             Credit memo                  Debit    Vendor
22             Reverse invoice              Debit    Vendor
24             Other receivables           Debit     Vendor
25             Outgoing payment          Debit     Vendor
26             Payment difference        Debit     Vendor
27             Clearing                        Debit     Vendor
28             Payment clearing           Debit     Vendor
29             Special G/L debit           Debit     Vendor
31             Invoice                                            Credit  Vendor
32             Reverse credit memo                        Credit  Vendor
34             Other payables                                 Credit  Vendor
35             Incoming payment                            Credit  Vendor
36             Payment difference                           Credit  Vendor
37             Other clearing                                   Credit  Vendor
38             Payment clearing                              Credit  Vendor
39             Special G/L credit                             Credit  Vendor


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