Posting Keys For AR

Posting key    Name                           Account type
01             Invoice                           Debit     Customer
02             Reverse credit memo       Debit     Customer
03             Bank charges                  Debit     Customer
04             Other receivables            Debit     Customer
05             Outgoing payment           Debit     Customer
06             Payment difference         Debit     Customer
07             Other clearing                 Debit     Customer
08             Payment clearing            Debit     Customer
09             Special G/L debit            Debit     Customer
11             Credit memo                                   Credit    Customer
12             Reverse invoice                               Credit    Customer
13             Reverse charges                               Credit    Customer
14             Other payables                                Credit    Customer
15             Incoming payment                           Credit    Customer
16             Payment difference                          Credit    Customer
17             Other clearing                                  Credit    Customer
18             Payment clearing                             Credit    Customer
19             Special G/L credit                            Credit    Customer


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