Tax code FTXP

Tax codes defined for each countries in SAP. Tax codes shows the actual rates to be used while calculating the tax on the basis of tax calculation procedure. Each country can have multiple tax codes for different types of taxes such as input, output etc.

Enter the country in pop up.

Enter tax code and tax jurisdiction  code also enter validity date.

Enter the tax rates, this is the tax rate that can be used while posting an SAP document.

After creating Taxcode , we have to assign tax code to Company code in table J_1ICONDTAX

Please use path

SPRO > Logistics general > Tax on goods mvmt > India > Determination of excise duty > Assign tax code to company code..

You can create Tax code in Development and assign Tax code to Company code. Transport request will not be created in FTXP creation. Again go to FTXP and Input Tax code and in Menu use Export option. It will prompt you for Transport request. Only thing is Condition records are Master data and cannot be Transported.

You have to manually create condition records in FV11 for Required condition types.

Configuration for Tax Code steps are

1.  Maintain the Tax Procedure   OBQ1

2. Maintain the Tax Processing in Accounting   OBCN

3.Change View of procedure & go to control  OBQ3

4. Maintain the Tax Code  FTXP

5. Changing in GL Master for assign TAX Code  FS00

6. GL assign to Maintain Configuration for automatic posting  OB40

7. Make your posting with Tax Code.

Text : Assign Tax Code to Company Codes
T-code : S_AL0_96000329

3 thoughts on “Tax code FTXP

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  2. hi
    My business has new requirement on the TAX code they want to maintain history of tax jurisdiction code with the validity dates any thoughts on this would really appreciate

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