Void issued checks FCH9/ reprint checks FCH7

In case of voiding an issued check for some reason we can do it through FCH9.
It does void check but payment is not going to get reverse.
We have to reprint the check via FCH7. It allows to void and reprint the check.
More Info:
⇒ Use transaction code F110 – Enter the values of the payment run that was incorrectly printed on the wrong check numbers.
⇒ Go To the tab Printout/data medium.
⇒ Click on the maintain variant
⇒ Scroll down until you see reprint checks
⇒ Enter your check numbers from the first check number – to last check number of the checks incorrectly printed
⇒ Enter your void reason
⇒ Save
⇒ This will void the incorrect checks and reprint the new checks automatically depending on how your system has been configured
⇒ Don’t forget to void the check numbers of the checks that were printed on in error use transaction code FCH3 Void unused checks

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