Automatic Clearing F-13

Cashier’s office runs this procedures every afternoon after 4 p.m to clear the day’s payments and their associated invoices.

1. Get Started

  • SAP menu path: Role ZSBM=>Accounts Receivable => Periodic Processing => F.13 – Automatic clearing
  • SAP fast path: /nF.13

2. Automatic Clearing….(SAPF124)

    1. Click on Get variant button (to right of Execute) to open the Variant window, shown below.
  1. Select the AR-Clearing Variant by clicking on it and then clicking on the Green Check Result: A General selections screen displays, as shown below.

  1. Change Clearing date field (shown above) to current date
  2. Click on Execute A message reminds you that “this is a production run”.
  3. Click Enter or press Return to confirm.

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