Transaction Action
J1I2 Prepare a sales tax register
J1I3 Create outgoing excise invoices in batches
J1I5 Update the RG 1 and Part I registers
J1IEX Incoming Excise Invoices (central transaction)
J1IEX_C Capture an incoming excise invoice (excise clerk)
J1IEX_P Post an incoming excise invoice (excise supervisor)
J1IF01 Create a subcontracting challan
J1IF11 Change a subcontracting challan
J1IF12 Display a subcontracting challan
J1IF13 Complete, reverse, or recredit a subcontracting challan
J1IFQ Reconcile quantities for subcontracting challans
J1IFR List subcontracting challans
J1IH Make a CENVAT adjustment posting
J1IIN Create an outgoing excise invoice
J1IJ Assign excise invoices to a delivery for sales from depots
J1INJV Adjust withholding tax Item
J1INREP Reprint a withholding tax certificate for a vendor
J1IQ Year-End Income Tax Depreciation Report
J1IR Download register data
J1IS Process an excise invoice (outgoing) for other movements
J1IU Process exemption forms
J1IW Verify and post an incoming excise invoice
J1IX Create an incoming excise invoice (without reference to purchase order)
J2I8 Transfer excise duty to CENVAT account
J2IU Remit excise duty fortnightly
J2I9 Monthly CENVAT return
J1IG Excise invoice entry at depot
J1IGA Create additional excise entry at depot
J2I5 Extract data for excise registers
J2I6 Print excise registers

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