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Cash Flow Reports : Direct / Indirect Method Config Settings :SAP

by on January 3, 2013

TCODE’ for the Cash Flow Reports are as below :

S_ALR_87012271       Cash Flow (Direct Method)
S_ALR_87012272       Cash Flow (Indirect Method) Variant 1

S_ALR_87012273       Cash Flow (Indirect Method) Variant 2
Below are the details of the Form’ used in the above reports:
Form 0SAPRATIO-04 Cash flow (Direct Method)
Form 0SAPRATIO-03 Cash flow (Indirect Method) variant 1
Form 0SAPRATIO-01 Cash flow (Indirect Method) variant 2
Use the TCODE: FSI6 to view the above form.
Above given Forms used in the below given reports
Report 0SAPRATIO-04 Cash flow (Direct Method)
Report 0SAPRATIO-03 Cash flow (Indirect Method) variant 1
Report 0SAPRATIO-01 Cash flow (Indirect Method) variant 2
Use the TCODE: FSI3 to view the above reports.
You should know what format you would like to see in the cash flow statement.
You should use the FS items accordingly copy the standard forms and changed according to your format. You should be conversant enough to do basic report painter.
Go to the Form 0SAPRATIO-01
Go to the form menu > click on change.
Go to edit menu, select general data selection / select .
There you assign your financial statement version (FSV) and confirm.
Then come to the form double click on each row and assign your respective financial statement version item and confirm.
And you change the rows as per your requirements.
Save the form.
Execute the report change the INT to your own Chart of Account.
Also make sure in the form you have assigned the FS items from your Financial Statement Version (OB58).
FS items are nothing but nodes in your FSV.
Use TCODE: FF7A for Cash Position reporting. You must activate Cash Management first, Go to TCODE: FDFD in configuration and activate the company code for cash management.

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