Asset – Legacy Migration Guidelines

Asset Migration should be handled carefully, as real time integration does not exist with FI module.  Generally, assets are classified into 2 –

  • Assets acquired/capitalized in the previous year
  • Assets acquired/capitalized in the current year
    The latter is generally uploaded at item / transaction level, while the former at balance level.
  • AUC / CIP should be uploaded at transaction level.  Else, settlement will not be possible


  • Asset master data configurations should have been completed like asset classes, depreciation area, depreciation key etc
  • Take over date (Transfer date) should be configured.
    • The date is of importance from depreciation perspective.
    • It is NOT the actual data entry date.  It represents the value date.
    • There are 2 types of take over date – End of last closed FY or during FY (Mid year take over)

Asset migration t-codes like AS91/92/93/94 and AS81/82/83/84 will be used extensively
There are two programs that can be utilized to automatically process legacy assets.  They are RAALTD01 and RAALTD11.
RAALTD01: Uses dialog programming and hence will be slow, but predictable
RAALTD11: Users direct input and hence will be faster.  Most of the implementation uses this option
BDC recording of AS91 t-code:  This is done for current year acquisition and AuC Assets.  The transaction level data are entered by clicking the ‘Transactions’ button in the application tool bar

Mandatory Fields:
All mandatory fields as defined in the screen layout rule – Asset class, cost center, description, Plant, quantity, depreciation key, useful life etc
Acquisition amount, Accumulated depreciation value till PY, Accumulated depreciation value in the CY till take over date for all depreciation areas.

From FI View
The migration programs will create Asset data only and no FI documents are generated.
FI postings are to be manually created using t-code OASV or ABF1
Former will be used normally, while latter will be used for uploading asset values in multiple currencies
The asset GL account properties should be changed to ‘Non-reconciliation’ account (‘Set/Reset reconciliation account’ option in IMG screen).  The same should be changed after migration
GL accounts for Acquisition Production Cost( APC), accumulated depreciation GL accounts will be posted manually.  The difference (Net Book Value) gets posted to the conversion account created for assets.  This is later reverse posted during TB upload
After migration, asset values at Current book value should match with the FI values


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