Document Number Assignment

In the SAP System, every document is assigned a number that identifies it uniquely within a fiscal year and company code.

There are two types of number assignment:

  • External (by the user)- Need Auto generated Number confirmed by VR.

The accounting clerk enters the number of the original document during document entry. A prerequisite is that the document numbers are unique. The system checks whether the number entered already exists and prevents users from assigning the same number twice. Numbers assigned to documents that have been archived however, can be reused.

  • Internal (by the system)     

The system automatically assigns a sequential number.You use a number range to define how the document number is assigned. Each document type has a specific number range from which the document number is selected.

Internal number assignments would be assigned to all document types as per best practice. As company requirements yearly intervals will be created.

Document Type Description Number Ranges
AA Asset Posting 0100000000-0199999999
AB Accounting Document 0200000000-0299999999
AF Depreciation Postings 0300000000-0399999999
AN Net Asset Posting 0400000000-0499999999
AP Periodic  Asset Post 0500000000-0599999999
BP Bank Payment 0600000000-0699999999
BR Bank Receipt 0700000000-0799999999
CH Contract Settlement 0800000000-0899999999
DA Customer Document 0900000000-0999999999
DG Customer Credit Memo 1100000000-1199999999
DR Customer Invoice 1200000000-1299999999
DZ Customer Payment 1300000000-1399999999
EU Euro Rounding Diff. 1400000000-1499999999
KA Vendor Document 1500000000-1599999999
KG Vendor Credit Memo 1600000000-1699999999
KR Vendor Invoice 1700000000-1799999999
KZ Vendor Payment 1800000000-1899999999
ML ML Settlement 1900000000-1999999999
RA Sub.Cred.Memo Stlmt 2100000000-2199999999
RE Invoice – Gross 2200000000-2299999999
RN Invoice – Net 2300000000-2399999999
RV Billing Doc.Transfer 2400000000-2499999999
SA G/L Account Document 2500000000-2599999999
SB G/L Account Posting 2600000000-2699999999
SK Cash Document 2700000000-2799999999
SU Adjustment Document 2800000000-2899999999
UE Data Transfer 2900000000-2999999999
WA Goods Issue 3000000000-3099999999
WE Goods Receipt 3100000000-3199999999
WI Inventory Document 3200000000-3299999999
WL Goods Issue/Delivery 3300000000-3399999999
WN Net Goods Receipt 3400000000-3499999999
X1 Recurring Documents 9100000000-9199999999
Y1 Sample Documents 9200000000-9299999999

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