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FBR2 – Post With Reference

by on January 16, 2013

1. Suppose we posted a document and now we post one more document resembles like the earlier document we posted with same date same account except some values changed.To post a new document in reference with an old document click post with reference in FB02 –> it will be directed to FBR2 automatically.

2. We can also reverse the document by selecting ” Generate reverse posting”



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  1. a m burke permalink

    Please be careful about suggesting POST WITH REFERENCE to REVERSE a document. This option does not reverse the original document, but creates an opposite posting. That’s different than FB08 which reverses a document and creates a link between the two. THANKYOU

    • Yes you are right ,This function allows you to post a new accounting document using a previously posted FI document as a reference. You can use this option to speed up data entry

  2. 1. Individual Document Reversal —>FB08
    2. Reversal of Reversed Document —>FBR2
    3. Reversing a Cleared Document —>FBRA
    4.Mass Reversal—>F.80

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