Recurring Entries

  • Some business transactions are repeated regularly every period or quarter such as rent and insurance .SAP gives the Recurring Entry option to make this entry one time and run it every period and have the same financial effect.
  • The following data never change in the Recurring Entry :  Posting Key – Account – Line item Amounts.
  • You enter the recurring data in a Recurring Entry original document and then run the Recurring Entry Program

Enter Recurring Entry: FBD1

Accounting ⇒ Financial Accounting ⇒General Ledger⇒ Posting⇒ Reference Documents ⇒ Recurring Document (FBD1)

Update the document as below,




After posting this entry you will get an message like : Doc:9100000000 was stored under 3300 company code,

Now we need to execute the Document Under F.14

Before execution F.14  just visit at FBD3 TCode with your recurring document number.


Give Document Number & Company code then press Enter

Then click on  Goto menu then press Recurring Entry Data, then you will get Display recurring Doc Popup box, what ever date you mentioned under First and Last Run date, same Date we have to key under F.14 Settlement period

Execute Recurring Document :  (F.14)


Click On Execute,

Then we ll get message “Session xxxxxx was Created”

Then Go to System menu ⇒ Select ⇒ Batch Input ⇒ Sessions

Then select the line item as below and Click on PROCESS


After that we ll  get one more popup as shown below Click on Process


  • Accounting documents are posted and recurring documents are updated with processing data (next run on and number of runs .)To display a posted document, use transaction code FBL1N.
Particulars Transaction Code
Recurring Documents
Creation of Recurring Document FBD1
Change Recurring Document FBD2
Display of Recurring Document FBD3
Display changes in Recurring Document FBD4
Define Document Change Rules OB32
Delete Reference Document F.56
Execute Recurring Entry F.14
Evaluating Recurring entry Documents F.15
Running Batch Input Session SM35

9 thoughts on “Recurring Entries

  1. when the Fi document posted with referencing to recurring document,which date will be considered for currency translation for Forex valuation? Posting date or translation date in recurring document or settings in OB22???

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