SAP Asset Accounting Configuration Document – Realtime Project

his material, from a realtime project, provides step by step customization/configuration instructions related to Asset Accounting submodule in SAP FI. Following are headlines from the document;

  • Organizational Structures Configuration

In this section features of the Asset Accounting organizational objects (chart of depreciation, FI company code, asset class) are defined. All assets in the system are assigned to these organizational objects that you defined.

  • Integration with General Ledger Ao90

The system settings and entries you make in this section are required for the integration of Asset Accounting with the General Ledger

  • Valuation Configuration

In this section,all configurations that have to do with the valuation of fixed assets are made. We define and manage all valuation and depreciation parameters in the chart of depreciation

  • Depreciation Configuration

The settings for fixed assets depreciation are defined in this section.

  • Special Valuation Configuration
  • Master Data Configuration
  • Transaction Types Configuration

Click on below mentioned link to view full SAP Asset Accounting configuration Document – Realtime Project



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