Define Adjustment Accounts for Reconciliation Posting

IMG⇒ Controlling⇒ Cost Element Accounting⇒Reconciliation Ledger⇒Define Adjustment Accounts for Reconciliation Posting


Double click on “Create Adjustment Account

This takes you to FS00 Screen, Here we need to create “Recon Adjust A/c
Under “Current Assets




Then Click on “SAVE

Come back and select as below,


Double Click on “Maintain Clearing Accounts for Business Area/ Functional Area


Chart of A/c’s: Select Chart of A/c


  • A/c: Assign “Recon Adjustment A/c” from the dropdown box
  • Click on “Save

Define Adjustment Accounts for Reconciliation Posting:

If, in cost accounting, values cross company code, business area, and/or functional area boundaries, inconsistencies occur in Financial Accounting (FI). These occur in particular when costs are capitalized. You can use reconciliation postings to balance out these differences in FI.

For secondary CO postings, FI creates clearing entries in special accounts which you must create as adjustment accounts.

You can also make clearing entries for primary postings. The system carries these out for the adjustment account given in account determination, not to the expense account in FI.

In this IMG activity, you can choose from the following to set adjustment accounts:

  • Assignment based on business transactions or object classes
  • Extended account determination using substitution

Account Determination Without Substitution (Standard)

Depending on the differentiation of clearing entries in FI, you create as many adjustment accounts as required and assign them to business transactions or object classes.

When assigning accounts, you can:

  • Enter an account for all reconciliation postings
  • Enter an account for each business transaction
  • Enter an account for each object class
  • Enter an account for each business transaction and for each object class


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