Create Activity Types

IMG ⇒ Controlling ⇒ Cost Center Accounting ⇒ Master Data ⇒ Activity Types ⇒ Create Activity Types

T-Code: KL01


Double click on “Create Activity Type


  • Activity Type: Enter “Activity Number
  • Valid From: Select the date
  • Click on “Master Data


  • Name : Name of the “Activity Type”
  • Activity Unit: Select “H” that indicates “Hours
  • CCtr Categories:Select “Cost Center Category
  • ATyp category: Select “Manual entry, manual allocation” “1“from the Popup
  • Allocation cost elem: Here we need to assign what we create under Cost Elements for Activity Allocation (KA06) , “Production Hours”
  • Price indicator: Select”Plan price, automatically based on activity“(1) from the popup
  • Select “Average Rate” check box
  • Actl Acty Type Cat: Select “Manual entry, manual allocation” (1)
  • Act. price indicator: Select “Actual price, automatically based on activity” (5)
  • Click on “Save


For, “Change Activity Type” Use,

T-Code: KL02

For, “Display Activity Type” Use,

T-Code: KL03

Click on below link to get Activity type Configuration Document,

How to Create Activity type-KL01

Activity types are activities provided by a cost center. They are measured in units of time or quantity. Activity quantities are valued using a price. For e.g. Activity types are used to allocate machine cost from Machine cost center to the production orders.
A product is being produced in a cost center called as Labour cost center. The activity provided by the cost center to the product is labour hours. The cost center costs will be allocated using activity type to the product. Planned and actual hours are recorded as activity quantities. The quantity i.e. labour hours multiplied by the price will be allocated to the production order. A secondary cost element of type 43 is attached to the activity type.



Jayanth Maydipalle


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