Define Cost Center Categories

IMG⇒ Controlling⇒Cost Center Accounting⇒Master DataDefine Cost Center Categories

Click on “New Entries


We activate/deactivate the following indicators for each cost center category:

  • Lock primary postings
  • Lock secondary postings
  • Lock revenue postings and revenue planning
  • Lock commitment update
  • Lock primary cost planning
  • Lock secondary cost planning
  • Lock consumption quantities

We will lock Actual revenue posting and Planned revenue posting in all of the cost center categories.
The cost center category when selected during the cost center master creation, defaults this indicator such as Lock actual revenue and lock plan revenue.




Jayanth Maydipalle


2 thoughts on “Define Cost Center Categories

  1. Why do we lock these categories? what is the purpose of these categories? why lock or unlock them? Pls explain!

  2. @Sravani- Refer above Lock indicator pic

    you can allow particular activity types only for particular cost centers. This is useful to prevent production activities from being posted to administrative cost centers by mistake. You can also use the cost center category for cost calculation, where it controls what percentage of the overheads applies to that cost center category.

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