Maintain Controlling Area

Maintain Controlling Area

The Copmany codes assigned to a Controlling area must all use the same operational Chart of Accounts.

IMG ⇒Controlling ⇒ General Controlling ⇒ Organization ⇒ Maintain Controlling Area

T Code: OKKP

The following screen appears


Double click on ” Maintain Controlling Area“.

Click on “New Entries” on the Change view “Basic Data”: Overview Screen,2013-01-31_204908

Click on “yes” on CCtr Std Heirarchy” Popup

Then Click On “Save

Click on “Back

On the Change View Basic data: Overview screen:


Select the line containing the newly created CO area

Double click on “Assignment of “Company Code”

The following screen Appears, Click on “New Entries”


Assign “Company Code” from the pull-downmenu


Then Enter & Click on “Save”.

Double click on the “Activate components/control indicators” line

Click on “New Entries”

The following Screen Appears


Then Click on “Save”


Jayanth Maydipalle


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