E.1.1 Maintain User-Defined Planner Profiles:

You use planner profiles to control the way planning is carried out. In a planner profile, you specify per planning area which planning layout is to be used with which default values. Per planning area, you can create as many planning layouts as you require. The profile item determines the order of the planning layouts within a planning area and can be used to assign the same planning layout to a planner profile in multiple areas, but with a different default setting each time.

IMG Controlling Internal Orders Planning Manual Planning Maintain User-Defined Planner Profiles

T-Code: KP34


Double click on “Maintain User-Defined Planner Profiles”


Select “ZQ101-Release 3.0/3.1 CO-OM:Prime.Cost/ATyp/StKF”


Double click on “General Controlling”


Select – “Overview Check Box”

Click on “Save”    2013-02-10_000228

E.1.2 Maintain Planner Profile for Overall Planning:

You need planning profiles for the planning methods below:

  • Overall planning for internal orders
  • Hierarchy cost planning for projects
  • Preliminary costing for production orders that do not have a quantity structure (CO production orders).
  • Cost planning for investment programs or investment measures, and for appropriation requests.
  • Financial budgeting

You can create new planning profiles, or change existing ones.

The following settings are important:

  • Time frame

You can specify which values are to be planned, and in which fiscal years.

  • Value display

You can specify which standard view the system is to display with the plan value, when you call up the initial screen for planning. You can default the number of decimal places and the display factor.

Path: IMG Controlling Internal Orders Planning Manual Planning User- Defined Planning Layouts Maintain Planning profiles for Overall Planning

T-Code: OKOS


Double Click on “Define Planning Profile for Overall Planning”

Click on “New Entries”


  • Configure the line items as shown above,
  • Click on “Save”

Come Back,


Double Click on “Maintain Planning Profile for Order Types”


  • Select Internal Order Type
  • Click on Drop down Box


  • Select Maintain Planning profiles for Overall Planning” Created Number
  • Click on “Save”



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