Computer Aided Test Tool

SAP users use CATT frequently to upload master data or to make changes to master data records. SAP Consultants and Abapers tend to use it for creating test data. The transactions run without user interaction. You can check system messages and test database changes. All tests are logged. The CATT records your keystrokes while performing the actual transaction. You then identify the fields that you wish to change in that view. Then export this data to a spreadsheet to populate with the data required. This is uploaded and executed saving you keying in the data manually.

To perform CATT, it has to be enabled in your production environment (your systems administrator should be able to do this – SCC4). You will also need access to your development system to create the CATT script.

The process of uploading data with a CATT:

Activate CATT in your client

In transaction code SCC4 – click the change button

Double click on the client number

In the Restriction section, tick Allows CATT processes to be started.

Upload data using CATT

1. Create Import variant for the fields you need

Transaction SCAT

Goto Parameters

Create Import Variant

Goto Variant -> Edit

Goto Variant -> Fast entry or F9

Duplicate 01

2. To change the MRP Group for a list of Material

Assuming that I want to change the MRP Group for a list of Material.

My text files should look something like this:

Variant ID Variant Text &ZDISGR &ZMATNR

–> Parameter texts MRP group Material

–> Default Values M1 A001

Changes to the default values displayed above not effective

#01 M1 A001

#02 ” A002

#03 M1 A003

Note : ” denotes a blank in the field. e.g. Material A002 MRP group will be replaced by a blank.

3. Configure the recorded entry fields to read from the imported text file data

In the CATT : Maintain functions test case Screen

Double click on the Object Name

Double click on the screen number with your desired fields

Park the cursor on the fields

Click Edit -> Details

Fill in the Parameters Name and Field Contents

Finish Save it.

Assign your text file data.

In the CATT : Execute test case Screen

Click External from file and choose your text file

CATT will now read from your text file and update whatever data you have specified.

you can also go through this link to get even more details on it..

Creating CATT for massive User Creation:

Find the TCD (Record) option when you click the PATTERN button on the menu bar.

Click the PATTERN and select the UI CONTROL for the field GROUP and select the TCD (Rec) for the field Command.

Then you can provide the transaction code what you would like to record.


Click below link for the PDF Document.

How to create an eCATT


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