Asset Shutdown

If you want to stop calculating periodic depreciation from a certain period or a specified period for certain assets.  Then you should use the functionality of Asset Shutdown.

You should identify the depreciation key where you want asset shutdown activated and then tick the asset shutdown on the asset master data with the time interval.

IMG setting

Asset Accounting -> Depreciation -> Valuation Methods -> Depreciation Key -> Maintain Depreciation Key

( Tcode S_ALR_87015165 or AFAMA ).

Select the depreciation key and down click on Assignment of Calculation Methods on left side.  On the field “Shutdown”, select Yes on the drop down and save.

Asset Master

Call transaction AS02, go to tab Time-dependent. You will notice a field Asset Shutdown. Tick the box and enter period when you do not want the periodic depreciation be calculated and save.

When you run the periodic depreciation (Tcode AFAB), the depreciation will not be calculated for assets that are Asset Shutdown.


Instructions for Using the Asset Shutdown Functionality of SAP



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