Tax Calculation in TAXINN procedure

If you selected TAXINN procedure , you can maintained tax rate with respective condition types  in FTXP during creation of tax code.But you should maintain condition record in FV11 t.code for condition types JMX1 & JMX2  are as 100%. Also you can maintain  tax rate for condition types basic excise duty,edu cess , H. Edu cess,VAT/CST in FV11 t.code in stead of maintaining

tax rate in FTXP.

<what are the condition types need to maintained for tax coces>

You can maintain condition types  for Basic excise duty,edu cess , H. Edu cess,VAT/CST  ( both for settoff & inventoried), Service tax recoverable  etc….

<what is the difference between maintaining tax codes in TAXINJ and TAXINN>

Both procedure TAXINJ and TAXINN has thin line difference where as TAXINN procedure is condition based &  TAXINJ is fomula based.If you drag down details of  TAXINJ is fomula based,where you can find Routine( selection with logic in line of condition type)  are play vital role in tax calculation.


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