SE93-Creating Z*/Y* T-Code

se93 is a transaction where you can create your own custom transaction codes…

Custom transaction codes with start with Z* and Y*.. in real time if you have created to report and wanted the end user to use it..he cannot open se38 and enter program name ans execute it… as he does not have access to use it…

so in that scenario you create a transaction called Z_report name and give that transaction to the user to hit it and see the report output.

I would be showing you how to create a simple transaction code using SE93.

First, type in on the object navigator SE93.


Click on “ Create Button

next screen as follows,


Select “Program and selection Screen (Report Transaction)”  check box.

Click on “Enter”

next screen,


Now you will need to fill in the name of your program in which you would like to assign the transaction code you are creating. Click on the SAVE button.

next screen,


Click on SAVE again, then the CHECK button(or you could just click on ENTER.


Press “Enter”


To change/Rename  the name of  Transaction Code Use SE80

View list of Z-Codes:

Go to T.Code SE93 Enter the value as Z* then press F4, now  the system will show the list of Z- T Codes.

Assign Z code to SE16:

In Tcode SE93,  create a tcode with option

Transaction with parameter option

Then  give the following values

Transaction    :    SE16

then check skip initial screen check box.

In the down table control

field :Name of screen field ,select value


and in the value field give the table name which you want to see in se16 tcode.


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