23 thoughts on “SAP FI-MM Integration

  1. Hey dude..Have seen lots of docs ..with confusing terminology…but this doc seems to be begginer friendly doc to understand business sinario

  2. Can I have you email ID or facebook ID …..to shoot a query if required or help you build beginner friendly docs…..so that you get to help many…..

    1. Hi,

      There are many activities that we do in every month or year in SAP,

      FI: Foreign currency revaluation, Update exchange rates, Number Ranges, Open and close Posting periods, Financial statements, Tax payables, Carryforward GL/AP/AR balances, Depreciation run, Bank Recon, Capitalize AuC to Asset if required, Open new Asset FY, Post Journals for Provisions/ Accruals/deferrals

      CO: Run assessment and distribution cycles, Costing Run, Cockpit, Project settlement, Results analysis, CO Period close and open. Maintain statistical key figures, PCA Balance Carry forward

      PS: Project builder status, Update Margin reports, Project cash flow statements.

      Open and close MM periods and so on

      and so on

  3. Hello Jayanth,

    Thank you very much for putting lots of efforts to maintain this site.

    Really appreciable for your time and efforts. Yes, there is lot of valuable info here.

    Thank you again.


  4. Hi Jayanth,

    Hope you are doing Good !

    If possible can you share complete FI-MM and FI-SD video and CIN . I am preparing interview so what i am confused to understand and explaining the things . Share to this email id lokeshraju74@gmail.com


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