HANA – SAP CO-PA Accelerator

Real-time insights into large volumes of profitability data.

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  • Perform real-time profitability reporting on large data volumes
  • Conduct instant, on-the-fly analysis of profitability data at any level of granularity, aggregation, and dimension
  • Run cost allocations at significantly faster processing times

Successful firms use profitability analysis to help with product mix, sales, and pricing decisions and high-quality financial reports. The faster profitability analysis runs and the more data it considers, the more valuable the results. But data volume and processing speed conflict at times in traditional enterprise resource planning systems, forcing compromises. SAP CO-PA Accelerator software uses in-memory computing to process massive amounts of data for immediate

Fully visualizing cost and profit drivers – even when working with large volumes of financial data – can now be achieved faster and more efficiently. Discover how the SAP CO-PA Accelerator, powered by SAP HANA, empowers organizations with easy access to data to make timely decisions.

Business Benefits:

  • Faster delivery of profitability information for more timely decisions
  • Higher-quality profitability analysis results for increased confidence when making decisions
  • Real-time decisions enabled through self-service, ad hoc views of business results, challenges, and opportunities
  • Ability to influence the “business to come” rather than reviewing results at month-end after the fact
  • Efficient management of growing data volume and reduced IT infrastructure costs


Speed Up-Your-Profitability Analysis-Performance-with-SAP-HANA-COPO Accelerator


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