GST – India

CGST means the tax levied under the Central Goods and Services Tax Act, 2016.

IGST means the tax levied under the Integrated Goods and Services Tax Act, 2016.

SGST means the tax levied under the State Goods and Services Tax Act, 2016.

Listed below are the important GST SNOTES released by SAP-INDIA

2419215 GST IN: Changes for FI Invoice item level screen
2419214 GST IN: Changes to MIRO Invoice item level screen
2417506 GST India – Utilities
2415115 GST India – Changes to Transaction data- Data Dictionary activities
2410917 GST IN: Line item wise tax calculation for sales invoices
2410105 GST IN: Sales related changes for India GST for sales order creation and Invoice posting
2385575 GST India – Changes to Master data
2378678 GST IN: BAdI implementation in Enjoy transactions of FI and MM
2252781 FAQ on Tax procedure migration from TAXINJ to TAXINN
1175384 Minimum Support Package(SP) level to obtain support for legal change in India Logistics and Indirect taxes(CIN)
2428495 GST India: Corrections to note 2416018
501054 FAQ: Taxes in purchasing
2014164 TAXINJ to TAXINN Migration
2421394 GST India: Pre-requisites/FAQs/Solution

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13 thoughts on “GST – India

  1. Please find the notes for GST Solution Implementation Issues

    2413682 – GST India: Missing Objects when Implementing SAP GST Notes

    2418631 – GST India: Issues while applying SAP Note 2415115

    2419803 – GST India: GSTIN not updating/saving in Business place view

    2433412 – GST India: J_1I_CUSTOMS Data element definition missing

    2435176 – GST India: J_1IG_INV gives dump for FM J_1IG_GET_PLANT_DETAILS

    2410053 – GST India: Control Code and GST Vendor Classification fields not available in F

    2417939 – GST India: Vendor classification issue in FV11

    2412663 – GST India: Error VT510 Select a document field for XXXX occurs

    2428298 – GST India: Control code not fetched for condition record – TAXINN

    2431425 – GST India: Error 00002 Enter a valid value, J_1IEXCDEFN

    2438376 – GST India: FF713 Tax code XX country IN does not exist in procedure XXXX

    2441735 – GST India: Tax not calculated in MIRO

    2441042 – GST India: Maintenance of State Codes

    2440978 – GST India: Migration from CIN to GST [Consulting]

    2456575 – GST IN: New GST fields not visible in MIRO/FB60 tcodes

    2431602 – GST India: Plant Abroad Not Supported

    2435112 – GST – STO – Error in transaction code J_1IG_INV

    2460798 – GST IN: STO Configuration for GST and Stock Transfer Process

    2458686 – GST – MIRO – HSN code description gets updated rather than the code when selec

    2446764 – GST IN: Error during GUI status J_1IG_STO_STAT creation

    2459388 – GST IN: Tax number 3 field not visible in XD01/XK01

    2420891 – GST India: Maintenance of Business Place wise GL Determination

    2460396 – GST India: Outbound GST Invoice not Fetching GL as per Business Place

    2448075 – GST India: Error F5670 while Releasing Outbound GST Invoice to Accounting

    2430349 – GST India: Maintenance of HSN/SAC Codes

    2469458 – GST India: Tax Tariff Code Field not available in Service Master

    2448047 – GST India: Separate GST Invoices for each GSTIN Registration (Business Place)

    2469505 – GST IN: SAC code not updating in MIRO for Service PO

    2469543 – GST IN: Tax ind. f. material field is not visible in material master

    2468361 – GST IN: Taxes Tab hidden in service line item

    2459379 – GST IN: BSEG table not updated with GST fields while releasing billing document

    2474348 – GST India – Control code field value is not autopopulated from masterial maste

    2474945 – GST India: How to include fireight cost into GST tax amount during MIRO

    2479100 – GST IN: Business area and Profit center error in J_1IG_INV

    2476293 – GST IN: Excise tab and No excise entry in MIGO

    2475533 – GST IN: Assessable value field in MIRO is not editable

    2478499 – GST India : Syntax Error – Component ‘CUSTOMS_VAL’ is missing

    2471819 – GST IN: Information on Tax Indicator(TAXIM)

    2480864 – GST IN: CIN Tab is not activating in Vendor Master(XK02, XK03)

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