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Jayanth Maydipalle

Passionate for SAP Modules which inspired me to share my S4 HANA FINANCE-FI-SD-CIN-MM-CO Knowledge and experience through My Webpage–Jayanth Maydipalle

With a Accounting and Finance background with his passion for SAP, Jayanth is working on SAP Environment since 2009 in the area of Financial and Management accounting.

• Jayanth has worked on ECC 6.0, EHP7, Simple Finance 1503, Fiori, S/4 FINANCE 1511 and 1610 Versions. Driven by his passion for SAP, Jayanth has experience both in Local and International SAP implementation and roll-out projects. Extensive knowledge and experience in FINANCE integration with CO, MM, SD,PP,PM and WM modules.

• Jayanth has focused on SAP S/4 HANA since the introduction of Simple Finance in 2014.

• 7+ Yrs of SAP  S4 HANA FINANCE, FI-CO (ECC)- CIN (FI-MM-SD) and Accouting experience in Multinational companies  ABENGOA, SAFRAN ENGINEERING, REV Group, ACCENTURE, DALMIA BHARAT &  PMC-Sierra which includes Implementations, Roll-outs and Support. Worked in Semi-Conductor, Aviation, Cement, Automobile, Solar, Power-structures and Alloy Casting Industries. –  Jayanth Maydipalle

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  1. dinesh permalink

    Keep posting.. Excellent piece of work..

  2. Tejaswini permalink

    Excellent Tutorial……….Thanks

  3. Rohit permalink

    Great tutorial to learn……….Excellent!!
    Pls keep posting…….

  4. Sampath permalink

    Very much Useful website & Worth reading..Thank you very much Mr.Jayanth. This website helps me alot.Thank you

  5. Thxz For visiting my webpage Guys 🙂

  6. William permalink

    Thank’ya Much , Rite one far entrevue

  7. John permalink

    Excellent Tutorials and very helpful …!!! please keep posting 🙂

  8. MADAN KU;MAR permalink

    I’m very thankful to you giving such a valuable material please keep updating the portal and also we are requesting you post you valuable suggestions for sap fi/co job seekers also…….

  9. Adriana Vazquez Bueno permalink

    Dear Jayanth:

    I would like to thank you for all information that you shared

    Actually, I am working in a SAP implementation in an Indian company and your website has been very useful, specifically with the issues related with taxes (Country Version India).

    I would appreciate any additional information you have about this topic.

    Best Regards,

    • I do work in SAP Implementation and yeah I ll write the complete concept about Country Version India…..Thank you for visiting

  10. milind permalink

    It really really help for increase the knowlege abt fico.

  11. Rodriguez permalink

    Excellent Website.It is very usefull.. Thank you very much for all your efforts

  12. Roopa permalink

    Hi Jayanth,

    Thanks for the information. Do you have any kind of consolidated tutorials for SAP FICO


  13. Roopa permalink

    Means consolidated documents

  14. Roopa permalink

    do you have any documents related to workflow solutions for Accounts payable in SAP ECC.6.0. Can you please share your number please thanks

  15. hari permalink

    can u please complete product costing and complete fico material

  16. Pavan permalink

    Excellent Jayanth keep posting ………..

  17. It’s an excelent website to learn perfect sap fico, Your website and your team doing good work by helping the freshers and seniors.

  18. fico guru 🙂

  19. Really Helpful site for SAP FICO people…! Thank you very much for all your effort, rare collection, realizing the painful and patience ,,,,, really heartful thanks

  20. Thank you for all your comments.

  21. Vikas permalink

    Wonderful SAP FICO Blog..

  22. Vishnukumar permalink

    Hi this is very very……. useful for SAP FICO peoples.. I’m looking for data relates to SAP FICO from many sites,blogs, etc.. nothing were right for me.. finally i got the right blog i.e., sapficodocz.. thanks a lot.. keep posting.. u did awesome work.. from the bottom of heart i said really thank you…

  23. Vishnukumar permalink

    Do u have any functional spec./tech.spec…. Could u pls post the same…

    • Tell me exactly what you are looking for?? I will try my best to post the topics 🙂 Thank you

      • Vishnukumar permalink

        I’m looking for real time support tickets,. how to close the issues and what are tools used for it.. if u have could u pls post it..

        • I got it, actually you will get lot of support issues in day to day activities, particularly in India most of them are related to Taxes both procurement process and sales process.

          Regarding tools in every company they have their own implementation tools. Eg: in my company we use web developed GSI (Implementation team) and for users SOS.

  24. James permalink

    Thanks so much for sharing this website. I am fairly new using SAP FICO, and I find myself continually coming back to your website for help. You have clear explanations and directions for doing things in SAP. Thanks so much for your help.

  25. thanq sir, it is very useful

  26. sunil permalink

    Excellent .. very very useful information. please update with some more new information and some real time issues with solutions…thanking you sir for spending u r time

  27. very useful for fresher and experienced consultants. Thanks for Sharing

  28. Akshay Agrawal permalink

    Hi Jayanth Maydipalle

    I visited your Webpage . Really Helpful site for SAP FICO people…! Thank you very much for all your effort, rare collection, realizing the painful and patience ,,,,, really heartful thanks

  29. Diyan Garg permalink

    hi Jayanth Maydipalle
    As we are migrating from Oracle to SAP S/4 Hana Simple Finance,Hence Need to create multiple (200-250)Withholding Tax Type and Tax code.
    Please let me know if any Method/Process available to carry out this activity.

    Also Can you provide me your email-id in case of any further help.

    Thanks In Advance
    Diyan Garg

    • Hi Diyan

      My mail id is

      We can use LSMW for creating Withholding tax types and codes, another LSMW required to update withholding tax details in the vendor master data.

      Please write me an email if you face any issues. Apologies for delay reply.

      Thank You


  30. Brahmaiah permalink

    can u plz mail me sap mm cin configuration settings to

  31. Vivek (Malaysia) permalink

    Great stuff Jayanth! 🙂

  32. Maheshwar Rao Gudepu permalink

    Hi Jayanth,
    Can you please share any information related to GST Configuration in SAP

    • Maheshwar Rao Gudepu permalink

      Dear Jayanth

      Please provide some documents related to GST. It will be great help for knowing the upcoming opportunity for Indian business.

      • Hi Mahesh,

        Please refer my post related to GST SNOTES

        Below mentioned are SD related.

        2385575 GST India – Changes to Master data
        2410105 GST IN: Sales related changes for India GST for sales order creation and Invoice posting.
        2421394 GST India: Pre-requisites/FAQs/Solution
        2014164 TAXINJ to TAXINN Migration

        Thank You


        • Maheshwar Rao Gudepu permalink

          Thanks for support Jayanth.. Will follow the documents given and will let us know if we have any queries..

  33. Maheshwar Rao Gudepu permalink

    Hi Jayanth

    Can you please tell how the CIN works in S/4 HANA? any changes in the CIN in S/4 HANA

    • No specific changes…steps are similar that we follow in ehp7, TAXINN is mandatory..

      • Maheshwar Rao Gudepu permalink

        After GST , whether the CIN settings will be there or any new GST package will be delivered by SAP?

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