Data Medium Exchange- DME

In Data Medium Exchange (DME), you create a file that contains payment instructions. You send it to your bank and the bank transfers the money from your account to a third party’s account. Alternatively, you can use DME to debit money from your customer’s account or you can send a DME file with tax data to the tax authorities.

A data medium exchange (DME) is a data exchange file which is used to send payment information of an enterprise to banks or tax authority. Basically these files contain financial data which can be in flat file or xml file format. Different File formats can be created for different countries and different banks based on their own norm which replaces conventional ABAP programs.

PMW – Payment Medium Workbench
DME – Data Medium Exchange
DMEE – Date Medium Exchange Engine

The Payment Medium Workbench (PMW) is a tool used to configure and create payment media sent by organizations to their house banks.

RFFOAVIS – The program creates notifications for customers/vendors that their receivables and payables balance to zero.

RFFOEDI1 – This program generates the Intermediate Documents (IDoc) for payment orders made via EDI. In addition to the     payment media, you can output the related advice notes, EDI accompanying sheets and payment summaries in a single program run.

RFFOUS_C – This program prints prenumbered check forms or non-prenumbered checks whose number is to be assigned from a predefined number range, and links the check number to SAP payment document number or the check number to the settlement result. In addition to the checks, you can print their payment advice notes and payment summaries in one program run.

SAPFPAYM – Generic payment medium program of Payment Medium Workbench (PMW) for the creation of payment media, like variant creation for ACH

Script printing cause the program defined to be run. since you might have maintained following settings Use transaction FBZP and go into your company code under the Paying Company Code. Click Fomrs and verify forms in both Form for the payment advice and EDI Accompaning sheet Form fields. If you are assigning forms here, in F110 you will get RFFOAVIS and RFFOEDI these programs