SAP Programs FI-CO

RFBILA00 – Financial Statements

RFBILA00 – Financial Statements

SAPF100 – Foreign Currency Valuation

General Ledger Accounting

RFUSVS14 – Annual Operations Report
RFITEMGL – G/L Account Line Item Display
RFITEMAP – Vendor Line Item Display
RFITEMAR – Customer Line Item Display
RFPOSXEXTEND – Correction: Change/Activate RFPOSXEXT
RFWT0020 – Recreate and Change Withholding Tax Data with Witholding TaxRate of 0%
RFBISA00 – Interface for General Ledger Account Master Data
RFDOPR10 – Customer Open Item Analysis by Balance of Overdue Items
RFUMSV25 – Deferred Tax Transfer
SAPMFCJ0 – SAPMFCJ0: Cash Journal
RFBNUM00 – Gaps in Document Number Assignment
RFGSTAUS – Perform for the GST Calculation Sheet (F_RFUVAU___01)
RFEBCK00 – Cashed Checks
RFCASH00 – Cash Journal

Accounts Payable

SAPMF02K – Vendor Master Data
RFFOUS_C – International Payment Medium – Check (with check management)
RFFOUS_T – Payment Medium USA – Transfers/Bank Direct Debits in ACH Format
RFFOEDI1 – International Payment Medium – Payment Orders by EDI
RFFOAVIS_FPAYM – Payment Medium – Correspondence for Generic Payment Medium Program
RFWT0010 – Adjustment of Withholding Tax Information to Relevant Types
SAPF110S – Payment Program
RFFOCH_P – Payment Medium Switzerland – Postal Giro/SAD/BAD
RFFOM100 – International Payment Medium – SWIFT Format MT100
RFZALI20 – Payment List
RFFOCH_U – Payment Medium Switzerland – Transfers, Bank Collection / DME
SAPMFCHK – Check management module pool
RFFOAVIS – Payment Medium International – Zero Balance Notice
RFW1099M – USA: Withholding Tax Report for 1099-MISC
RFFOGB_T – Payment Medium Great Britain and Ireland – BACWAY, BACSBOX, EFTS, EMTS

Accounts Receivable

RFDKLI20 – SD, FI: Recreation of Credit Data after Organizational Changes
SAPMF02C – Credit Management Master Data
SAPF150D2 – FI Dunning – Print Program
SAPMFKM0 – Configuration Menu: Call Transactions and Dialog Modules
SAPF150D – Dunning Notice Print (With Update of Line Items and Master Records)
RF150SMS – Program RF150SMS
RFDRRANZ – Accounts Receivable Information System
SAPF150V – Module Pool for the Dunning Program (Parameter Maintenance and Run)
RFDUZI00 – Calculate Interest on Arrears
SAPMFKD0 – Dunning Procedure Customizing
RFCORR14 – Resetting of Dunning Run via MHNK/MHND
SAPMFBWE – Bill of Exchange Presentation
RFDRRE05 – Due Date Analysis – Create Evaluations (Subroutine Pool)
RFDKLI41 – Credit Master Sheet
RFDKLI40 – Credit Overview

Asset Accounting

AW01N – Asset Explorer
RAPOST2000 – Depreciation Posting Run
RAALTD01 – Legacy Data Transfer Program – Asset Accounting
SAPMA01B – ?…
RACSTABL – Asset Customizing: Calling Up Different Views
RAVCLUST – FI-AA: Call of view clusters
RAFABNEW – Automatic Opening of a New Depreciation Area
RABEST_ALV01 – Asset Balances
RAUMFE20 – Analysis of an asset and its environment: Data collect. and analysis
RAALTD11 – Direct Data Import – Asset Accounting
RAAFAR00 – Recalculate Depreciation
RASIMU02 – Depreciation Simulation
RAPERB2000 – Periodic Asset Postings
RAGITT_ALV01 – Asset History Sheet
RAUNVA00 – Incomplete Assets – Detail List

Bank Accounting

SAPFPAYM – Payment Medium: Creation
RFCHKE00 – Check Extract Creation
SAPFPAYM_SCHEDULE – Payment Medium: Scheduling of Creation
RFBLBC00 – Bank Chains for House Banks
RFBLBC01 – Bank chains for bank account carry forwards
RFBLBC02 – Bank chains for creditors/debtors
SAPFPAYM_MERGE – Creation of Cross-Payment Run Payment Media
RFCCSSTT – Payment Cards: Execute Settlement
RFCHKL00 – List of Checks for Company Code &0..
RFCHKN10 – Check Register
RFCHKD30 – Reset Check Information Data
RFMPAY00 – Status of Payments for Cross-Payment Run Payment Media
OFX_MSG_SELECT_DISPLAY – Display Internet Messages
RFCHKD00 – Delete Check Information on Payment Run
RFCHKD10 – Delete Check Information on Voided Checks

Special Purpose Ledger

RGGBS000 – Exit Routines for Substitutions
SAPMGCU0 – Module Pool for FI-SL Customizing
RGUGBR00 – Generates ABAP Coding for Validations/Substitutions/Rules
RGGBR000 – Exit Routines for Rules
SAPMGSBM – Module Pool for Set Maintenance
SAPMGSGM – Maintain Variables
RGZZGLUX – FI-SL XPRA: Generation GLU1, GLU2, FI-SL Programs
RGUREC10 – Transfer Documents from Financial Accounting
RGURECGLFLEX – Transfer of Opening Balance Actual Data to General Ledger
SAPMGTRA – Transport of Customizing Objects
SAPFGVTR – Balance carryforward
RGUREC00 – Example of External Data Transfer into FI-SL
RGIMOVV0 – FI-SL: Generate Variable Field Movements
SAPMGRWJ – SAP Report Writer: Processing of Object Type ‘Report Group’

Profitability Analysis

RKES0101 – Call View Maintenance for V_TKESV
RKEAGENV – Regenerate View Maintenance for User-Defined Characteristics
SAPMKEI2 – Create/Display LI
SAPMGPSP – Maintain Distribution Key
RKEAGENF – Delete, Refil, Display Internal CO-PA Field Table FIELDTAB
RKEB0601 – Display Line Items
RKECADL1 – Cancel CO-PA Line Items
SAPMKEFB – Module Pool for Authorization Objects
RKEDRCHECK – Characteristic Derivation: Check Table
RKEREOCE4 – Reorganization of the Segment Table
RKETRERU – Build Summarization Levels for Profitability Analysis
RKEB090F – FORMs for Extra Processing in CO-PA Background Processing
RKE_ANALYSE_COPA – CO-PA Analysis Program
RKEVRK2A_MULTICURR_2 – CO-PA update: actual data, parallel currencies (fixed part)
SAPMKEDR – Customizing for Characteristic Derivation

Product Cost Controlling

KARIN – Message Call
RKKBRPTR – Call for Reporting Tree
RKKBKIS1 – Line Item Report Costing Items
SAPRCK23 – Price Update
SAPRCKBA1 – Transaction Handler for CKBA
SAPRCKBA – CK Report for Batch Handling for Costing Run
RKKKS1N0 – Variances: Manufacturing Orders and Product Cost Collectors
SAPMKKB5 – Maintain Application-Dependent Reporting Parameters
SAPKKA07 – Work in Process: List
SAPKKA12 – Sales Orders: Set CO Status Under Specified Conditions
SAPMKKB2 – Maintain User-Specific Reports for Costing KKB
MLCCS_STARTUP – Creates actual cost comp. split for already productive ML customer
MLCCS_RESET – Deletes All Data in Actual Cost Component Split
RKKBCAL2 – Analyze/Compare Material Cost Estimates
RKKKS000 – Background Processing: Variance / Scrap Calculation