Cash Discounts in SAP

Create a GL A/c of “Discount Allowed” under “Indirect Expenses”    (FS00), Assign Field status group :G001

Follow the below mentioned path to configure “Terms of Payment” (OBB8)


Click on “Maintain Terms of Payment” ,The following screen Appears


Click on “New Entries”, follow the next screen

ImageTerms of payment has been created,

Now we need to configure for Cash Discount (OBXI) or Follow below mentioned path


In this step, you define the account numbers for your cash discount expense accounts. The system posts the cash discount amount to these accounts when clearing open items.


Your specifications are dependent on the chart of accounts. You can additionally distinguish your specifications by tax code.


    1. Specify your accounts.
    2. Make sure that the accounts are created.

Chart of Accounts: “Company Code”

Click on “Accounts”


Click on “SAVE

Now we need to “Modify Customer Master Data with Discount Term” (FD02)

  1. Select the “Customer”
  2. Click on “Company Code Data”
  3. Select “Payment Transactions”
  4. Terms of Payment : “Company Code”
  5. Click on “Save”.

Raise Sales Invoice Under F-22


Retain the “Payment Term” to allow Discount or else delete the term not to allow the Discount

Post the entry.

Incoming Payment (F-28)


fill the data as mentioned above with full amount


Click on “Charge of Diff” ,the following screen appears


Double click on Bank line item(HDFC Bank)

Amount: Modify Amount,100000*5%=5000

=100000-5000 =95000

Click On Document & Simulate, Finale entry ll be


Automatic Clearing F-13

Cashier’s office runs this procedures every afternoon after 4 p.m to clear the day’s payments and their associated invoices.

1. Get Started

  • SAP menu path: Role ZSBM=>Accounts Receivable => Periodic Processing => F.13 – Automatic clearing
  • SAP fast path: /nF.13

2. Automatic Clearing….(SAPF124)

    1. Click on Get variant button (to right of Execute) to open the Variant window, shown below.
  1. Select the AR-Clearing Variant by clicking on it and then clicking on the Green Check Result: A General selections screen displays, as shown below.

  1. Change Clearing date field (shown above) to current date
  2. Click on Execute A message reminds you that “this is a production run”.
  3. Click Enter or press Return to confirm.

Sponsor Research Aging by Invoice – ZAGE

To print invoice aging reports by sponsor code, follow the steps below:

1. Get Started

  • User menu path: ZSBM => Accounts Receivable => Periodic processing => Info system => ZAGE – Sponsor Research Aging by Invoice
  • SAP Fast Path:On command line, enter: /nZAGE

2. Sponsor Research Aging by Invoice

  1. Enter imvoice selection data:

    Customers (default is all sponsor research customers)

    Sponsor codes (enter sponsor code range to query)

    For example 002000 – 999999 for industrial sponsors

    Company code (default = CUR)

    Aging as of? (enter current date)

  2. Enter printer selection data

    Process in background? (leave blank to view on your screen)

    Print Options

    ??Printer Destination (??)

    ??Send to printer immediately vs. Hold in print queue

  3. Click on to run report. – A sample report page is shown below.