Asset Accounting noted Points

If you use different Financial Versions,you have to post more than one depr area to the General Ledger.

Chart of depreciation is assigned to Company Code.

Account assignment mus be activated before they can be maintained in the master data.

Depreciation areas can have the same values and depreciation term but can be displayed in difference currency.

Several Chart of depreciation can be assisgned to one asset class. This ensure that asset class catalog in uniform despite using different depreciation area.

Each asset is assigned to only one asset class

We can supress individual depreciation area in asset class.

The essential function of asset class is to establish link betwwen the Asset master record and the accounts to which the related values and depreciation are posted in G/L.

You can not assign asset to cost center, instead you can assign asset to a (real) order that will be settled to the respective cost center. In this way you can summarize the cost your project (The asset being part of it)

  Chart of depreciation is always Country Specific

Chart of depreciation is a Catalog of country specific depreciation area

Each Company code uses One chart of account and one chart of Depreciation.

Depreciation attribute can be overwritten if necessary, but if they are specified by the system you cannot change them.

Even after AUC fully capitalized you can still post C/Memo to it. However you have to allowed negatice APC.

You can define depreciation area for report purposes only, which do not post any value in G/L, Eg: Depr area for tax balance sheet.

in FI-AA you can manage different values of fixed asset in depreciation area.

In each asset class you enter a screen layout rule for each depreciation area. This rule applies to the valuation fields in the depreciation Area.

Asset that are appear in different places / balance sheet item have to be assign to different asset class.

Asset class used as a templete for asset master records that are created later . It is therefore necessary to decide which default value to be stored in asset classes to ensure the uniformity of the asset.

You can create a new chart of depr by copying reference charts of depreciation. you can delete the depreciation areas you do not need. It must be done before asset is created.

SAP Provides model chart of depreciation for many contries these contain pre defines depreciation area. You can also define your chart of depreciation (by copying & Changing)

Several asset classes can use same A/C “Account Determination Key ” if they use the same chart of account and they post to the same G/L account

Depreciation 01 is the leading depreciation area (Area 01 is the book depreciation)

Asset class are created at Client level


Jayanth Maydipalle