SAP FI Technical Interview Questions

1. How can be or in what way baseline date is important in Automatic Payment Program run?

The Baseline date is used to calculate the due date by taking into account the payment terms. On the APP, the baseline date helps to pick the relevant invoices for payment. During the APP run when invoices are pulled into the run, the system checks the ‘Next Payment Date’ before picking the invoices to be paid.

2. Please tell me the procurement cycle how it works?

Procurement cycle – a sales order is placed on a requirement made by a customer, after which it is passed on to create a purchase order (this could either happen based on the requirements on the SO, or a planned SO). the value flow gets passed on to FI at the time of goods movement. In the case of SD, the impact on FI happens only at the time of billing.

3. Difference between Depreciation ,Accumulated Depreciation and APC? What is APC?

Depreciation – a decrease in the value of an asset due to wear and tear
Accumulated Depreciation – the total amount of depreciation calculated on a particular asset.
APC – refers to Asset transactions other than depreciation

4. What is GR/IR?What journal entries we should pass for this?

The GR/IR – the goods receipt/Invoice Receipt account is used to post to whenever goods that are not yet invoiced have been received or when invoices arrive b4 the the delivery of goods.

During the time between the invoice being created and delivery of goods, there can be a timing difference, in order to accommodate this timing difference, a GR/IR account is maintained temporarily to record the flow .

5. What are the accounting entries take place in MM and SD?

Value from MM to FI is defined in OBYC…. on the material master the flow of values are assigned on the Costing, acctg, etc tabs where the system helps to post the necessary stock values into the appropriate GL accounts. helps to determine, the GL accounts updated when there is a movement of goods.


6. Can we assign one Controlling area to two different Company Codes (but the company codes having different fiscal years/different currencies

Company code should have same financial year, may have different currencies.

You can assign 2 or more company codes to one controlling area as long as the chart of accounts are same. Furthermore, if you have different fiscal year variant in the company code, then make sure that the number of period remain the same.

7. While posting transaction, can we give cost centre / production order at time.

Yes it is posiiable , but in such situation cost centre will be real and production order is stastical.

If you assign both cost center and Prd Order then since Prod. Order are real co object, Cost center entry would be statistical.

8. Which Master data uploads will be done?

The question is not very clear. If you are talking about CO Master data. Then Cost center need to be uploaded. You can use Data Transfer Workbench or write abap for it.

9. Can we run Payment Programe giving ( Hdfc vendor detailes ) City bank in Payment run programe?

Yes can be possible , this can resolved through ranking order and bank optimization in FBZP.

You use use further selection in proposal paramater, if you would like to filter the open item based on the city

10. What does document header control?

Field status.

11. After entering a document can you delete the entry? Can you change the document? Which fields’ can/not is changed?

Document header cannont be changed, after posting the document you cannot change. only if you want to change the document the reseversal entry.

12. What is a special GL transaction?

The transaction other than A/P and A/R is called the special g/l transaction for ex: Bills of exchange, Interest payable , aqusition

13. How do you reverse cleared documents?

By doing reversal posting.

14. What is base line date? Why is that used? Can this be changed?

For paymentterms it is used. base line date is the due date.

15. How many statistical objects can be selected in when you post an FI document?
Where CCtr, PCtr, OM are active?

Only two or Any Two