Create Bank Accounts on Fiori / NWBC

Below mentioned Roles are required to activate “Manage bank accounts” app on Fiori.

The user must be assigned with role:

  • SAP_BR_CASH_SPECIALIST (for On-premise Edition)
  • SAP_BCR_FIN_CM_BAM_MC (for Cloud Enterprise Edition)
  • SAP_BCR_FIN_CM_BANK_ACC_MGM (for Cloud Project Services Edition)
Back-End Server: Activate Web Dynpro Application:

Component: Web Dynpro Application


Use transaction “SICF” and make sure that the ICF service for the Web Dynpro application is activated.

Back-End Server: Assign Role with Start Authorization for Web Dynpro Application:

Component: Back-End Role



The Manage Bank Accounts transactional app provides an overview of your bank accounts in a hierarchical structure and allows you to maintain bank account master data according to your organization’s business requirements, as shown in



8 thoughts on “Create Bank Accounts on Fiori / NWBC

  1. Hi Jayanth,

    We are implementing s/4 Hana, client wnated to use FIORI apps.
    But, we are unable to create house bank with proper settings.
    i don’t know where we have to do customization for house bank
    Please help to create house bank in 1610 version


    1. Hi Jayanth,

      You need to use FI12_HBANK for Maintenance of House Banks in S/4 HANA.

      You have to use FIORI APPS to create ACCOUNT ID and to link that ACCOUNT ID with House Bank.


  2. Hi Jayanth can you please describe how to assign G/L Account to Bank in S/4 Hana and how to create Check lots in s/4 hana.

  3. Hi, Jayanth,
    We set up a Demo21 system of 1709 with some best practices installed. We used the “manage bank accounts” fiori app to create a bank account; we saved it with a request # generated, but we can’t find it in the “my sent request for bank accounts” app. Is there any way that I can find where the request is or under which ID to be reviewed? Or where I can find documents about the default workflow setup or how to define Responsibilities for Rules Used in workflow Steps. Thanks in advance.

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