Accounts Payable Transaction Codes- SAP

Document Entry:

FB60 – Invoice
F-43 – Invoice – General
FB65 – Credit Memo
F-41 – Credit Memo – General
FB10 – Invoice/Credit Memo Fast Entry
FV60 – Park or Edit Invoice
F-63 – Invoice Parking – General
FV65 – Park/Edit Credit Memo
F-66 – Credit Memo Parking – General
F-47 – Request Down Payment
F-48 – Down Payment
F-54 – Clearing Down Payment
F-40 – Payment Bill of Exchange
FBW6 – Check/Bill of Exchange
F-52 – Incoming Payment
F-42 – Without Clearing
F-51 – With Clearing
F-55 – Statistical Posting
F-57 – Noted Items
FKMT – Account Assignment Model
FBD1 – Recurring Entry Document
F-01 – Sample Document
F-53 – Post Outgoing Payment
F-58 – Post + Print Forms for Outgoing Payment
F-59 – Payment Request for Outgoing Payment


FB02 – Change
FB09 – Change Line Items
FB03 – Display
FB04 – Display Changes
FBV0 – Post/Delete Parked Document
FV60 – One-Screen Transaction for Posting/Deleting Parked Documents
FBV2 – Change Parked Documents
FV60 – One-Screen Transaction for Changes Parked Documents
FBV3 – Display Parked Documents
FBV4 – Change Header Parked Documents
FBV5 – Display Changes Parked Documents
FBV6 – Reject Parked Documents
FBD2 – Change Recurring Entry Documents
FBD3 – Display Recurring Entry Documents
FBD4 – Display Changes Recurring Entry Documents
F.56 – Delete Recurring Entry Documents
FBM2 – Change Sample Documents
FBM4 – Display Changes Sample Documents
F.57 – Delete Sample Documents
F-56 – Reverse Statistical Posting
F-46 – Reverse Check/Bill of Exchange
FBWD – Process Bill of Exchange Payable
FB08 – Individual Reversal of Document
F.80 – Mass Reversal of Documents
FBU2 – Change Cross-CC Transactions
FBU3 – Display Cross-CC Transactions
FBU8 – Reverse Cross-CC Transactions
FBZ5 – Print Payment Forms


FK10N – Display Balances
FBL1N – Display/Change Line Items
F-44 – Clear
FB12 – Request Correspondence
F.64 – Maintain Correspondence

Master Records

FK01 – Create
FK02 – Change
FK03 – Display
FK05 – Block/Unblock
FK06 – Set Deletion Indicator
FK08 – Single Confirmation of Change
FK09 – List Confirmation of Change
FK04 – Display Changes
F.48 – Purchasing – Accounting
FK15 – Send Company Codes
FK16 – Receive Company Codes
XK01 – Create Centrally
XK02 – Change Centrally
XK03 – Display Centrally
XK05 – Block/Unblock Centrally
XK06 – Set Deletion Indicator Centrally
XK04 – Display Changes Centrally

Periodic Processing

SCMA – Schedule Manager
F110 – Payments Automatic
F110S – Schedule Payment Program Periodically
F.4A – Without Open Items Interest on Arrears Calculation
F.4B – With Open Items Interest on Arrrears Calculation
F.4C – Without Postings Interest on Arrears Calculation
F.47 – Free Selections Interest on Arrears Calculation
F.44 – Balance Interst Calculation Calculation
F150 – Dunning
F.13 – Automatic Clearing
F13E – With Clearing Currency Specified
F.61 – As per Requests Print Correspondence
F.63 – Delete Requests Print Correspondence
F.27 – Periodic Account Statements Print Correspondence
F.62 – Internal Documents Print Correspondence
SO10 – Enter Text Standard Letters
F.66 – Issue Letters Standard Letters
F.18 – Print Letters Balance Confirmations
F.1B – Create Index Balance Confirmations
F.1A – Group Vendors Balance Confirmations
F.14 – Execute Recurring Entries
F.15 – Lists Recurring Entries
S_ALR_87012114 – Bill of Exchange List
S_ALR_87012115 – Extended Bill of Exchange List with ABAP List Viewer
F.18 – Balance Confirmation: Print
F.1B – Balance Confirmation: Create Index
F.1A – Balance confirmation: Group vendors
FB2E – Cross-System Reconciliation of Affiliated Companies
F.05 – Valuation of Open Items in Foreign Currency
FAGL_FC_VAL – Foreign Currency Valuation of Open Items (New)
FJA4 – Inflation Adjustment of Open Items in Foreign Currencies
FJA6 – Inflation Adjustment of Open Payables in Local Currency
F101 – Reclassify Receivables/Payables
FAGLF101 – Sorting/Reclassification (New)
S_ALR_87012098 – Open Item Account Balance Audit Trail from the Document File
F.07 – Balance Carryforward

Withholding Tax

S_P00_07000134 – Generic Withholding Tax Reporting
S_PL0_09000447 – Withholding Tax Report for the Vendor

Information System

S_ALR_87012077 – Vendor Information System
S_ALR_87012082 – Vendor Balances in Local Currency
S_ALR_87012093 – Vendor Business
S_ALR_87012079 – Transaction Figures: Account Balance
S_ALR_87012080 – Transaction Figures: Special Sales
S_ALR_87012081 – Transaction Figures: Sales
S_ALR_87012078 – Due Date Analysis for Open Items
S_ALR_87012103 – List of Vendor Line Items
S_ALR_87012083 – List of Vendor Open Items for Printing
S_ALR_87012084 – Open Items – Vendor Due Date Forecast
S_ALR_87012085 – Vendor Payment History with OI Sorted List
S_ALR_87012104 – List of Cleared Vendor Items for Printing
S_ALR_87012105 – List of Down Payments Open On Key Date – Vendors
S_ALR_87012086 – Vendor List
S_ALR_87012087 – Address List
S_ALR_87012089 – Display Changes to Vendors
S_ALR_87012090 – Display/Confirm Critical Vendor Changes
S_P99_41000099 – Payment List
S_P99_41000101 – Check Register
S_ALR_87012119 – Cashed Checks
S_P99_41000102 – Number Ranges for Checks


ME51N- Create Purchase requisition

ME21N-Creare Purchase Order

MIGO- Make Goods Reciept entry

J1IEX-Create Part 2 Excise Invoice

MIRO-Vendor Invoice

f110-Automatic Payment