Copy G/L Accounts Master records from one client to another

OBY2 – Copy Company code

RFBISA10 – Copy G/L Account Master Data from Source Company Code: Send

Allows you to copy G/L accounts from one company code to another within a client.   The files is first written to the application server of the clients.

When you are ready to send the G/L accounts to the clients in the other environments, the Basis people must transfer the file to the proper path on the application server for that environment.

After the file have been created, run the program :-

RFBISA20 – Copy G/L account master data in target company code: Receive

This program is run in the client in which you are transferring the G/L accounts.

I tried to copy g/l accts through t.code OBY2. I unchecked test run and saved it. Now when I try to create an invoice I don’t see those g/l accounts that were copied to the other company code.

There are two ABAP programs are there to copy GL accounts from one company code to another. they are RFBISA10 (send) and RFBISA20 (receive).

We run this at SA38. If the target company code is with in the same client then just give the target company code then it will
copy all the GL Master records in to the target Company Code. If it is in another Client then we can create a file then later upload with RFBISA20. I will tell you how. Remember in target company code, you should define Account Groups Fields Status etc., before transfer. OK.

Step 1: Go to T.Code SA38 type RFBISA10 and execute the it will ask the Source Company Code and Target Company Code. Give them if it is in same client. It will be copied.

If suppose, your target comapny code is in another client. Go to SA38 the type RFBISA10 and execute then give your source company code and now give a name for your file. and execute. it will create a file and saves it on to your system. It give the location where it has saved soon after u execute. remember or write it on a paper.

Step 2:  Now Logoff from your client and logon to your target client and go to SA38 and type RFBISA20 and execute then it will ask the location of the file then give the locaton where your file was stored then execute. Your Master records will be copied.




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