Basics of Asset Accounting – Asset Explorer


If you use different Financial Versions,you have to post more than one depr area to the General Ledger.

The following paragraphs and figures will describe with EXAMPLE the steps of how to explore an asset and the functionality of the main buttons.

In Asset Explorer by transaction code AW01N, we are able to display depreciation calculation. However, if system uses New depreciation calculation, to be able to simulate Old depreciation calculation, you need to use transaction code AW01_AFAR. 

Exploring an asset with Transaction Code AW01n

Navigation:  SAP Easy Access -> SAP Menu -> Accounting -> Financial accounting -> Fixed Asset -> Asset -> Asset Explorer

Alternatively: AW01N

1)      Fill out fields with asset number/Company Code.

2)      In Planned values tab, you can check all values related to this asset. APC, Acquisition value, Ordinary depreciation, net book value.

3)      If you select transaction line and click on “hat” button, you can check all details related to each transaction.

4) And if you double click in the acquisition / retirement / transfer transaction, you will be able to display the document generated in FI after the acquisition / retirement / transfer.

5) If you click on (display depreciation calculation) button or double click over Ordinary deprec. Value in the ‘Planned values’ tab, you will be able to see the parameter used by the system to calculate the asset depreciation in that depreciation area.

  • New depreciation calculation displays:

  • Old depreciation calculation displays:

6) In the Posted Values tab  you will be able to see how the depreciation will be posted during the year for each period.
PS. In the example below period 1 is missing because it was already posted in time of creation and acquisition posting  in this asset.


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